Welcome to YP do Brasil

YP do Brasil is your Southamerica partner when it comes to industrial filtration fabrics for solid and liquid separation. Our high-quality range of products includes threads, nets and membranes for industrial uses. Our products have successfully been applied for decades by the chemical and pharmaceutic industry as well as other industrial production processes and the food industry.

YP do Brasil is part of the Zheijang Yanpai Filtration Technology Co. Ltd Group which has been one of the worlds leading manufacturers of woven filter fabrics for the last decades




Yanpai do Brasil

Excellence in Technical Fabrics and Felts for Liquid and Dry Filtration


We thank all our customers and friends who visited us at Mechanics 2018.

Yanpai do Brasil - Mecânica 2018.

Yanpai do Brasil – Mecânica 2018.

Yanpai do Brasil - ISO 9001.